Plan for Success

The biggest challenge for any new or struggling sales person is getting new business (sometimes referred to as lead generation).  We can’t give away the secret ingredients here but we can tell you our lead generation is mind blowing. Most large companies would give their right and left arms to generate the amount of business opportunities that we do. On average our new agents do more business. It’s not just about the leads though…

Planning for Success. 

Many brokers set their agents up for failure by getting them to accept lower expectations of success.  From day one we want our team members not only busy, but doing business. Many have done more than deal their first month! We set our agents up for success by preparing them with superior tools that make them stand out against the competition, and critical needs based training.

Boutique vs. Large Franchises
Large brokers have to offer generic, watered down training to “satisfy the masses.” We tailor our training to the individual so that we can build strong foundations for success. You don’t train a white belt like a black belt – you start by building strong fundamentals and focusing on their individual needs so they can improve.

Lead Generation
We have nothing to hide – try searching for other real estate companies online, you just won’t find them.  If you can’t find them online then how are home buyers and sellers going to find them? We have some of the most visited real estate websites in the area that enable us to connect our agents to potential clients.

Lead Training
Getting all kinds of leads is great but if no one shows you how to work with them then good luck getting anywhere. That’s where having to expert in house trainers makes the biggest difference to our agents’ success and gives them the edge.