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What is the first thing I should do to become a real estate agent?

It is beneficial to research any new industry to determine if it involves your personal strengths, interests and/or goals. Reach out to our Blue Pacific Property Marketing team and ask to speak to our business coach and Internet marketing guru, Bill T. Daniels, to schedule an informational meeting about real estate. He can help you identify the challenges and rewards of a real estate career and if it is in line with your personal ambitions. A real estate career gives a candidate the ability to go into business for him/herself. It is essential to have the support of a strong management, training and coaching team that has the resources and expertise available to build successful businesses and careers.

What are the requirements to become a salesperson with Blue Pacific?

At Blue Pacific Property, the applicant must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age and have passed the state licensing exam.
  • Be member of Orange County Association of REALTORS®
  • Be accountable for your performance, your competence, your level of service and your integrity.

Candidates interested in starting a great blue career in real estate are encouraged to speak with our Broker, Bill T. Daniels for in an informational meeting to develop career goals and find out if a real estate career is the right opportunity.

What can I expect to earn my first year?

Earning potential is unlimited and is highly variable depending on a variety of factors, including the pace of your learning, the support provided by the company you affiliate with and of course, your motivation. Continuously sitting down with us to discuss your goals, and how to achieve them, will be instrumental in getting off to a productive and rewarding start to your real estate career.

How do I choose a company and office?

Call local real estate offices to schedule an informational meeting. Ask probing questions and be prepared to discuss your goals, expectations and concerns. Some good questions to ask during your meeting can include: Does the manager sell homes and therefore compete with the agents? What are the specifics of the basic training program? Is there formal ongoing education? What are the technology initiatives? What is the web presence? Where you start your career is crucial to your success and establishing your presence in your local community.

With such a competitive field, how can I ensure I set myself apart from other agents?

It is exciting and challenging to build a business in real estate, but operating your own business includes overhead and investing in marketing, advertising and back office materials that are considered part of the cost of doing business. As part of the Blue Pacific Property family, we ensure our associates can focus on building and growing their businesses with professional marketing, advertising, public relations, educational and administrative expertise and support. Blue Pacific Property has invested in online advertising, enhanced listings on REALTOR.com®- images and banners, purchased hundreds of search terms to capture buyers on Google or Yahoo and has implemented cutting edge IDX technology, which converts online inquiries. We recently launched the Neighborhood Expertz® marketing system in 2010 and other resources, combined with ongoing training, education and the support of a strong team, helping set every sales associate at Blue Pacific Property apart.

How can I continue to make sure I stay abreast in changing trends in the marketplace?

At Blue Pacific Property, we provide our sales associates continuing education, offered in the state-of-the-art training room and also online, via webinars. To be successful in real estate, it is imperative our sales associates are aware of the market conditions and how things are trending. An exciting, and challenging, aspect of a career in real estate is the constantly changing environment.

What are the advantages of a real estate career?

A real estate career can be incredibly rewarding for many different types of people. The opportunity to build your own business, and have an unlimited earning potential is a strong draw for motivated, self-starter personalities, and the constant interaction with a wide variety of clients out in the community is a strong draw for high-energy individuals who enjoy fostering client relationships. With a constantly changing environment and clients, the variety presented in a real estate career is a refreshing change of pace for individuals seeking new challenges.

Where can I learn more about Blue Pacific Property’s “Great Blue Careers?”

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